Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Private Vacation Villas

Bali, The Island of the Gods, is undoubtedly one of the Asia's leading tourism destination with its beautiful blessed nature, a chain of awesome volcanoes stretches across the island helping to create an ideal environment for tropical rainforests, cultivated rice fields, mangrove swamps, beaches of both black and white sand.

Bali is also well-known for its arts & cultural diversity from the hypnotizing sounds of gamelan orchestras which accompanies the fascinated traditional dances, beautiful traditional textiles, intricate paintings and carvings and also the friendly people. These aspects have supported the growth of the tourism industry and it is un-arguable if the tourism is growing rapidly from in recent years and so with all of the supporting aspects, including the accommodation.

The existence of the variety accommodation in Bali from a ranging of varying prices, star classification and various well-known areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Sanur, Canggu, Tanah Lot and Ubud with a different experience of the nature and attraction has enriched Bali's tourism and makes this island becoming one of the most favorite tourism destination in the world and it is a mandatory if the visitors require and are entitled to a good service and a memorable holiday. That includes a suitable and enjoyable vacation rental.

Along with the growth of the tourism tendency, the accommodation trend is also changing rapidly following the travelers demand, started from hotel, and then resort, continued by boutique hotel and the latest is a private villa.
The latest trend of staying in a private villa has becoming a primary option for most of the travellers now days and Bali is a paradise for the growth of the private luxury vacation villas.

The main concept of private luxury vacation villa is to give you a comfort as your own home. Imagine, when you are far away from home and wish to have your home comfort during your holiday, wish to have the highest level of Balinese gracious service, wish to have more privacy where you don't have to share the accommodation facilities with another guests, wish to have an accommodation with all the best of Bali's nature has to offer with a spectacular view from the beachfront, riverside, valley, rice field, rain forest or, have you ever wished you were awaken by the sound of the ocean waves that is only a little step away from your bedroom's door or perhaps to hear the valley's beautiful sounds of nature from the conversation of the trees, birds & butterflies from your swimming pool or see the rice field started to turn yellow ready for harvest from your living area and even to do yoga in your bedroom pavilion that is just next to the river and let the flow of the water & the clean air re-charge your energy? Where do you think you can have all of the precious living experience above? Yes, the answer is private luxury vacation villa.

Why Bali's private luxury vacation villas?
Bali's private vacation villas have grown to become a very appealing accommodation style. It is generally a more affordable option in comparison to staying in a hotel rooms as it offers a heightened sense of privacy, personalized service and many more benefits and experiences that may not be obtained in other types of accommodation. These benefits make living in private luxury vacation villas sometimes could be cheaper compared to the others. Yes, it's true, you can save more!

Food could be cooked in the villa, all you need to do is simply go to a grocery store or ask your villa chef to do that on your behalf and buy food materials to be cooked in the villa, which is downright less expensive than eating in restaurants. Some of the private vacation villas also offer a complimentary laundry service on daily basis which others accommodation types not. Renting a car in Bali is also considered expensive, but another benefit of renting a private vacation villa is some villas offer a car & driver service on daily complimentary basis, you will only need to responsible for the petrol fee. These benefits will help you saving more and more money during your holiday in Bali, so are you still looking for another reason not to book a private vacation villa?

Private Luxury Villa Accommodation is truly set to be your second home in Bali with all of its facilities such as private living & dining, private kitchen, private swimming pool, private garden and some might come with a private gym & spa room, media room and library, private luxury vacation villas and these facilities will meet every guest occasion requirement from a honeymooner, family gathering, friends reunion and even your special occasion such as wedding since most of the Bali's private luxury vacation villas is set to be a wedding / event villa especially those who has a panoramic sunset view and the ones that are on the cliff or hill top.

To complete your home comfort experience, the villa staff are well trained with the highest level of Balinese gracious service and will cater to all of your needs during the clock, the assistance of the villa butler, villa attendant, chef, gardener, pool attendant and also 24 hours security will make your stay in a private luxury vacation villa becoming the unforgettable one.

Staying in a private vacation villa is like staying in your own living space, experiencing the comfort of your very home whilst in a faraway place.

Discover the privilege of staying in one of Bali's private vacation villa.

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